We invest in people first and real estate second

Headquartered in Georgetown, CT, we are investors and developers with an eye for potential. We do not just invest in real estate, but in people. We nurture the possibilities in land and buildings as much as in ideas. Our projects and investments are global in nature but all share the same characteristics: They always ignite an initial excitement to work with them.

Here is a scenario that explains how we work:

Adam has developed a product that is ready to be marketed. Adam cannot afford the upfront cost of renting an office to operate his business, renting a warehouse to stock his product, hiring attorneys, accountants, office help, warehouse loaders and other help that is necessary to operate his business. Also, while Adam is great at building things, he is not experienced in business negotiations and wants to make sure he is getting the best deals possible from suppliers, strategic partners and clients.

For a reasonable stake in Adam’s company, the Gourad Group provides Adam office and warehouse space that are operationally ready. The office space is completely furnished, has internet connections, phones, receptionists, and all the amenities one can ask for in a business environment. The warehouse is state-of the-art with loading docks, forklifts and help that can ship out as many products as Adam can sell. We build Adam a cutting edge website and engage in an online marketing campaign that will draw the right attention to Adam’s product in the right circles. We also provide Adam with the legal and accounting help to protect his investment. Throughout Adam’s growth, we are assisting with business strategy, technology assistance, marketing and advertising, client and market analysis and a lot more. When Adam meets a big supplier, client or strategic partner, the Gourad Group is by his side with decades of experience in business negotiations. And that in a nutshell is what we do. Drop us a line if you think you are ready for a partner you can grow with.