Investing in People, Advancing Ideas

Headquartered in Georgetown, CT, we are investors and developers with an eye for potential. We invest in businesses but what we truly look for are motivated, passionate people. We nurture the possibilities in commercial real estate as much as we do in ideas. Our projects are all unique but they are always promising and exciting. We look forward to adding you to our global network of hardworking people and successful businesses.

We take pride in offering comprehensive business development in addition to our world-class brokerage services. At the Gourad Group, we know that real estate is only one of the many aspects of a successful venture. Click here to learn more about all of the ways the Gourad Group can help you grow.

Our Process
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65 Redding Rd. Suite 13
Redding CT 06896

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65 Redding Rd. #874
Georgetown CT 06829