Business Real Estate

The right work environment is paramount to the development of a successful business. Having an area where you and your employees can focus and collaborate in an efficient manner can mean the difference between growth and failure for a growing business. Locating and making use of commercial real estate is one of the most important things that we do. We also know how important it is to find space in the right locations, where you will be both accessible and recognizable. We own several office spaces that have been renovated and furnished to create the perfect space for focused, motivated professionals. We provide everything from furniture and wifi to espresso machines and gym areas. Take a look at some of our available real estate:

We also have the resources and experience to help you find other offices of warehouses. Commercial real estate is difficult to come by in many areas. Connections and expertise is a key part of acquiring the most sought-after real estate in the most accessible and easily advertisable locations. Connections and expertise are things that we have plenty of at the Gourad Group.

Business Incubation

The early stages of small business development are difficult, complicated, and overwhelming for owners and employees. Business Incubation is a way in which the Gourad Group can assist in those early stages. It is a process that shortens the amount of time it will take to establish a business and a brand while simultaneously reducing the costs experienced during that time. All businesses are started and operate with the chance of failure, but our business incubation services are the perfect way to lower the risks involved. We can provide the training, structuring, and support that a young business needs to flourish in a modern, competitive economy.

Successful elements of business incubation

Our Incubation Services Include:

Management Advice

Establishing yourself as a successful and respected manager within your business can be as difficult as establishing the business itself. Developing management skills and a general management strategy that is targeted to your specific needs will help ensure that your business operates in the most efficient way possible. The Gourad Group is full of individuals with plenty of experience in developing and working with functional, motivated teams. Easily overlooked, management advice is one of the most valuable ways in which we can support you throughout your business’s development.

Marketing Programs

We will work with you to develop a series of targeted strategies to ensure that you reach the right audience with the right message as you begin to delve into the world of advertisement. This is the smartest way to establish and reach early sales goals so that you can grow your client base and begin to expand your business.

Market Analysis

Market analysis is a key part of developing a successful, targeted business plan. Having a reliable knowledge base on competitors, potential clients, and your targeted audiences is essential in having productive marketing campaigns, and therefore in making the necessary sales. We have years of experience in conducting successful market studies that have had tangible and productive results for our partners and associated businesses.

Accounting Infrastructure

We invest in promising businesses with direction and the potential for true longevity, but good ideas, sales, and successful marketing won’t be enough to sustain a business in the long-run. Without proper financial accountability and structuring within your business, there is a greater chance that it will ultimately fail. We focus a significant amount of our incubation process on developing successful accounting infrastructure in order to promote the longevity of your business. After being successfully established, the proper management of company funds is one of the easiest ways to ensure the continuation of growth within the business.

The Gourad Group has the resources, experience, and expertise to ensure that your company is given the best chance possible to thrive.

Early Stage Investments

By investing in you and your ideas early on in the development of your business, we are in a position to give you the best advice available at the most opportune and crucial time. Financing a new business is difficult. Our investment creates a safety-net that increases the chances of success while minimizing the consequences and risks that are inherent in this process. By working with the Gourad Group, you are giving yourself and your business the best chance possible; you will be taking advantage of our resources, our years of expertise. The Gourad Group represents a mutually beneficial opportunity and comes with the comfort in knowing you are not the only one invested in your success.