The Gourad Group boasts a diverse portfolio of traditional as well as online companies. This includes commercial playground companies, landscaping companies, online publishing companies, and more. The following is a list of our recent investments:

 Tingis Magazine. An online Moroccan-American magazine providing in-depth analysis of transnational political, cultural, and intellectual discourse.

⇒ Sahara Group, a chain of high-end cigar lounges in Slovakia.

 Advantico SARL, a commercial mat cleaning company in Sweden.

 Wafin, a community platform that enables people to connect, help each other, and find resources across the country.

 Verplaca, a global, luxury property management and concierge service.

 Webforesight, a platform designed to connect clients to graphic designers and computer programmers.

The Gourad Group has also invested in commercial real estate in Connecticut, which helps us ensure that partners have the space they need to thrive. Two areas are currently available for rent:

 564 Danbury Rd. A 30,000 square feet of mixed-use space in New Milford, CT.

 South End Plaza, warehouse space for small businesses in New Milford.

GTown Offices, a collaborative workspace in Georgetown, CT with both shared work areas and private offices. 

There are also several companies that began under the supervision of the Gourad Group and are now successful and independently operated. Still a part of the Gourad Group family, these particular companies are  shining examples of the benefits of working with us:

 Trassig Corp., A commercial playground company that designs, sells, installs commercial playground sets, site amenities, shade structures, and more.

 Biworks, a business intelligence company providing data analysis, website personalization and programming, and database reports.